Granite Rough Kerb Stone

Granite Rough Kerb Stone

Want a curb to keep the natural feeling, get a rough pick curb

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We have many different size of rough pick curbstone which could maintain the authentic nature flavor


Item name: granite rough pick curb

Material: natural granite

Color: grey/brown

Regular size: 1000x140x150mm/1000x100x150mm etc.

Style: medium size/square shape etc.

Finishing: split/pineapple/rough pick by hand

Quality: smooth connection for angle and surface among rough curbs

Shipping port: Xiamen, China

Ideal use: a regular use for separation in public area

        Recommend use in private garden to get your house well-organized


Granit rough curbstone

Material: Grey granite

Size: 1000x100x300mm

Finishing: all sides natrual split rock face


Granite rough kerb

Material: Grey granite

Size: 1000x150x100/150mm

Finishing: 2 sides rock face and all                   oters sawn cut


Rough kerb stone

Material: Grey granite

Size: 1000x100x300mm

Finishing: all sides natrual pineapple

Granite Advantages:

1. Natural Beauty from its rich color and texture

2. High compression Strength, good elasticity and abrasion resistance

3. High density and weather resistance make it not afraid of the sun, rain, ultraviolet radiation

4. Good chemical stability to have Acid & Basic resistance and corrosion resistance

7. Good Anti-slip function by its rough finish

8. Low expansion coefficient and high refractoriness keep it from easy deformation

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